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Hey, I’m Jim Duane from the Inside Winemaking Podcast, which I built to be a resource for myself and anyone else to continue learning how to make great wine.

I learn best on my feet and from talking to other people. I studied winemaking at UCDavis, but sitting in a classroom was a slow and torturous way for me to learn. I got a MS degree, because I didn't feel like my student loans were quite big enough after undergrad. I am currently the winemaker at Seavey Vineyard in the Napa Valley.

You can read more about my background if you're at work killing time.

I use the podcast and you, the listeners (thank you), to leverage the best winemakers in the US to spend an hour discussing my questions about growing grapes and making wine. All the podcast episodes are available here on the website and all the usual podcast apps and players, including iTunes. Each episode also has a webpage of show notes with links to items discussed during that podcast.

I began the podcast in 2014 and have slowly built up an awesome group of listeners. I enjoy any feedback, so email me if you have a question or concern In 2017 I came up with the idea for Deep Winemaking, which is a three-day technical immersion trip in Napa with myself and a small group in August.

Because sleeping is overrated I'm creating a winemaking video course. A guide to winemaking. I felt that would be would be the most expedient way to convey the most important things I have learned in school, the wineries I have worked, and from the podcast guests that have generously given their time and expertise.

My goal is to make a short, simple to understand guide that distills the most critical aspects of professional winemaking and ignores the stuff you don't need to sweat about. Nobody honestly needs to understand what pH truly is in order to make great wine. In fact, nutting-off about pH and TA is time that could be better spent in the winery. There are plenty of schools and books that already exist to provide that education if you are interested.

Tasting wine, and understanding how your decisions with grapes in the vineyard and winery can manipulate flavors and textures is the key. I'm working to create that key.

Stay tuned. If you are interested, sign up for my email list.

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I'll even send it to you if you just email and ask.  

Thanks for listening to the podcast and checking out my projects.