Stainless steel has always made my eyes pop

Stainless steel has always made my eyes pop

I once printed up bumberstickers that said

"Winemakers do it with only the sweetest berries" Nobody would put one on their car.

I make wine at Seavey Vineyard in California's Napa Valley. I'm known as a Cab guy. Prior jobs include Stag's Leap Wine Cellars and Robert Mondavi Winery. Like I said, Cabernet. Nonetheless, my affection for wines and winemaking runs the gamut. Once I made sparkling wines in Malborough, New Zealand and Riesling in Washington.

I live in Napa on a farm with my wife and daughters. Parenting sometimes gets in the way of my podcasting. Rex, our farm's peacock, likes to wail when I'm trying to record my intros. Email me if you want a free peacock.

In the early I days studied biology and sophomore girls at Gonzaga University. The idea of more school right after that was too much, so I worked at Brancott Vineyards in New Zealand. Hauling rocks in the vineyard helped ready me for grad school at UCDavis. I moved to Napa in 2004 and don't plan to ever move out. Most of the podcast guests are in Napa, because I travel to record in person, and so I can see their cellars and equipment.

Growing up in Utah it was exceedingly hard to get beer in high school. So I made beer in a fuel can under the stairs. When I figured out that you could make wine, I switched. When I realized you could make wine as a career, I jumped.

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