Deep Winemaking 2019 - Two Options this year

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Join me and a small group in Napa on either Aug 1-3rd or Aug 8-10th for Deep Winemaking 2019.  

The Aug 1-3rd will include a day focused on cellar practices

Aug 8-10th will be the original experience focused on vineyard and winery visits

What is Deep Winemaking?

For those who are truly interested in an immersive winemaking experience, this is the opportunity to spend three days in Napa with Jim and a handful of other Inside Winemaking Podcast listeners, on a technical journey through vineyards, wineries, cooperages, and laboratories.  Built to squeeze a maximum of on-site time with winemakers and wine professionals this is a way to experience Napa's winemaking without the fluff of tasting rooms and the usual tourist experience.  Deep Winemaking was created for people that don't have the time to go back to school and enology at a university, but want to the opportunity to discuss their practical winemaking questions directly with winemakers.  The recommended packing list includes boots, a hat, a notebook, camera, and the ability to taste wine from 8AM to 8PM.  The experience includes lunches, dinners at wineries, blind tastings on Thur and Fri, and a blending seminar on Saturday.  August is the best time of the year to catch maturing grapes on the vine and winemakers before they are too busy with harvest.  

Given the feedback from prior years I am building the Aug 1-3 trip to be focused on practical winemaking in the cellar. We will spend the majority of our first day together learning how to use commercial winemaking equipment. I’ll cover all the basic aspects of wine transfers including use of: pumps, hoses, valves, barrels, tanks, and inert gases.

Deep Winemaking 2018 sold out quickly and there is even more interest for 2019.  The best way to stay up to date for when the event opens for registration is by signing up for the mailing list.  Attendance is limited to the eight people.

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Jen from Philadelphia was a part of Deep Winemaking 2018 and had this to say.

"Just wanted to say a massive THANKS for such a cool few days! It was such a treat to get to meet some really interesting people and see vineyards and cellars close up with experts. I learned so much and had a great time. The time in the vineyards and the lab and cellar were the highlights for me. The blind tastings and the blending were both super fun and informative (and humbling!). Thanks so much for doing this unique and cool trip - feel very lucky to have been a part of it!"


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