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naked wines - alex farber and cari roberts

Shortly after the fires in northern California during the harvest of 2017, Naked Wines put together one of the coolest fire recovery fundraisers that I came across.  They have raised $832K as of January, 2018, and drawn support from their members worldwide.  That was the final impetus I needed to contact Naked and ask for an interview.  This episode features Alex Farber, who is a Wine Production Manager and also has her own wines brand within Naked, and Cari Roberts, who is Head of Acquisition and the woman I ran into at a hamburger stand before a tractor parade and convinced to green-light this podcast.  Alex's black lab, Maui, who is being raised to be a service dog for children with Type I diabetes, was also part of our podcast team.  

See the link below for the $100 gift card to sign up and shop

Alex, Cari, and I spend this entire episode discussing the questions I had about Naked Wines, both as a winemaker, and as a member "Angel."  It's my hope that someone listening to this podcast will then go on to pitch a winemaking project and become a winemaker within Naked.  Lastly, Cari hooked me up with a special URL so listeners of this podcast can get $100 to sign up and shop on the Naked Wines site.  I used this deal to get a case of mixed reds for $69 and then added a few bottles to get the tab up to $100 to qualify for shipping to be included (wineries can't legally use the words "free" and "shipping" for some odd reason).  I've already gone back to order more of a Spanish Tempranillo from Jorge Caus Pertegaz at $10.  



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