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Rebekah wineburg - quintessa

I had a great time talking with Rebekah Wineburg, who has made worked at some of the top wineries in the world and is currently the winemaker at Quintessa in Napa Valley.  Rebekah told me her background and then the full history on Quintessa including the key elements she uses to describe the wine, "Elegance, harmony, and layers."  

Our conversation covers a whole range and vineyard and winery topics such as:

  • How to pick vineyards for a specific wine style
  • Rebekah's thoughts on extended maceration
  • The size and diversity of vineyard blocks at Quintessa in the Rutherford AVA
  • Biodynamics "as we believe it to be" and the preparations applied in the vineyard
  • Protocol 2010 and the contractor that Quintessa uses to have confidence that new vines are clean when planted
  • Ideas to help consumers feel confident with her wines, and the differences in tasting with other winemakers vs. consumers
  • Plans for the winery re-design at Quintessa
  • What it's like to work with the Huneeus family


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